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At the end of the line



The President of a country, whatever it may be, must, first and foremost, always keep in mind the fundamental text that regulates the society to which it belongs. If this condition already is essential for a citizen, as holder of a public office the observance of constitutional precepts acquires an increased responsibility. Furthermore, the Constitution must not only be known but must also be respected regarding political action and the conduct of the executive branch.

Secondly, it is becoming increasingly clear that the Americans chose as President a citizen who is unaware of the Constitution’s contente.
Donald Trump not only disrespects the US Constitution, but also attacks the values that have always characterized the United States.

One must ask: Is this the new America?

Freedom requires plurality and divergence of opinion.

Decidedly, Trump has a distorted notion of what freedom is and what should be the behavior of a President

And, unfortunately, in the United States, the spirit of democracy is getting darker and darker.


25 de Novembro de 1975

R Eanes Jaime Neves

Ramalho Eanes e Jaime Neves


Faz hoje 42 anos que Portugal se tornou uma democracia.

Muito se deve a estes dois Homens!



Três mil setecentos e cinquenta e um milhões de euros!

Em 2016, esta foi a receita de impostos com a gestão «geringôncia».

Como será em 2017?

E não. Não é austeridade. É Neoausteridade!

É o fado, António, é o fado!

Fado Costa

E é o fado que te persegue, (António) Costa!