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Ask a nation to manifest through a referêndum
is an example of dignity.

And fulfill the treaties signed? Or honor commitments?

It is also not worthy?

Pattern of behavior (2)


Having in mind certain circumstances one can and must understand some decisions such us the latest agreement on Greece. However, we should not neglect the pattern of behavior evidenced by the greeks.

I do not share the general view about the Grexit.

When a unit loses one of its parts, after the adaptation of such loss the degree of cohesion is greater than the original.

Furthermore, the Greeks need again to be able to devalue a currency, which it’s impossible while they remain within the euro.

After the referendum (poll / sondagem)

EU: democracies only!

Coroneis gregos


Only democracies can belong to EU.
Is Greek democracy at risk?
If so, can they continue to be a State-Member?